Welcome to the 3rd Inflammasome Therapeutics Summit

Intricate mechanisms underlying inflammasome signaling, as well as its role in innate immunity and disease are constantly being elucidated. As such, investment into the discovery and development of novel inflammasome therapeutics is booming with Novartis buying IFM Therapeutics, Roche acquiring Inflazome, Boehringer Ingelheim tapping Inflammasome Therapeutics, Inc. and a plethora of novel drugs poised to enter early-stage clinical testing in 2021.

The 3rd Inflammasome Therapeutics Summit returns as the definitive industry-dedicated forum, bringing you the latest discoveries, preclinical, translational and early clinical developments on novel inflammasome-targeted therapeutics.

You’ll have two parallel tracks of learning on the molecular mechanisms of inflammasome signaling, digging into inflammasome formation to identify novel drug targets and optimize drug binding, leveraging inflammasome biomarkers in the translational and early clinical setting, as well as mapping out therapeutic applications across monogenic diseases, in super-acute settings such as infectious lung diseases, in rapidly progressing diseases like NASH, GI diseases, through to chronic conditions such as cancer and neurodegeneration.

Brought direct to your home office with a jam-packed agenda and online virtual networking opportunities, this summit will delve into the fundamental biology of inflammasome signaling to identify and clinically validate novel drug targets.

Join us on our dedicated virtual platform as we unite drug developers and researchers in accelerating novel inflammasome therapeutics into proof-of-concept clinical trials and beyond!

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