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Pre-Conference Workshops

Tuesday October 29, 2019

Workshop A: Delving Further into the Protein & Crystal Structures of Inflammasomes
9:00 – 12:00

Understanding the structure of key signaling molecules in the inflammasome pathway and understanding where the binding pockets are is key to advancing pre-clinical and clinical development of the inflammasome. Once the drug pockets are known, the location of where the drug can bind is known, hence, optimizing the drug. Exploring the protein structure of the inflammasome in its activated state is also key to getting a more efficacious drug.

This workshop will cover:

• Challenges of NLRP3 protein purification

• Cryo-EM data collection

• Data analysis and model building

• Challenges and considerations for NLRP3 drug discovery

Workshop Leader:

Humayun Sharif - Harvard Medical School

Humayun Sharif
Research Fellow

Harvard Medical School

Workshop B: How do Inflammasome Inhibitors Work? Exploring the Mechanisms of Action of Inflammasome Formation & Inhibition
1:00 – 4:00

The inflammasome is a large protein complex that assembles and then activates cytokine signalling and cell death. Many compounds have been identified that can inhibit inflammasome signalling, however it is often not clear exactly how these compounds are working.

This workshop will cover the following questions:

• Are they binding to specific components of the inflammasome complex and preventing it from forming?

• Are they working upstream of the complex?

• Are they working indirectly through a different molecular target within the cell?

• What are the challenges and techniques involved in identifying the mechanism of action of inflammasome inhibitors?

Workshop Leaders:

Rebecca Coll - Queen's University Belfast

Rebecca Coll
Principle Investigator

Queen’s University Belfast

Matt Havrda - Dartmouth

Matthew Havrda
Assistant Professor of Molecular & Systems Biology

Dartmouth School of Medicine