Kate Fitzgerald

Kate Fitzgerald

Company: University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School

Job title: Professor & Vice Chair, Department of Medicine Division of Innate Immunity


Panel Discussion: How to Characterise Rational Biomarkers/Endpoints? 3:30 pm

Exploring biomarker selection – clinical presence of inflammation in the diseases Utility in assessing disease progression and control of disease What is a clinically meaningful benchmark of inflammasome inhibition? What are the best tissue biomarkers of inflammasome inhibition? What biomarkers and assays should be measured in a phase 1 or phase 2 trial to demonstrate…Read more

day: Day Two

Panel Discussion: Underpinning the Current Leading Challenges & Gaps in Inflammasome Therapeutic Research 10:00 am

Availability of appropriate animal models and patient samples Understanding progress and limitations to current biomarkers Movement into clinical trials and regulatory conversations How/Should we locally target inflammasomes at the sites of inflammation ? Dual/multi- inflammasome inhibition – specificity vs multifactorial inflammation in disease? How to dose a known pharmacological effect/target engagement to specific organs without…Read more

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