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The Only Industry-Focused Forum to Advance Novel Inflammasome Therapeutics Across Diseases to Patients in Need

In amidst of the fields anticipation for clinical study results, the ever-present industry challenges remain and now is the time for biopharma focusing on targeting the inflammasome to double down on these challenges.

With that, lies a unique opportunity to confront these hurdles head-on, for the past 6 years, the Inflammasome Therapeutics Summit has consistently provided a vital forum for dedicated professionals to share knowledge, uncover creative solutions and work together to tackle those ever-present challenges from effective preclinical models to biomarkers and even clinical endpoints, and the 6th Inflammasome Therapeutics Summit returns for 2024 to do exactly that.

Why Should You Prioritize The Inflammasome Therapeutics Summit?

100+ Attendees from across the global inflammasome landscape

25+ Expert Speakers with diverse and insightful presentations

6+ hours of face-to-face networking to build new connections

60+ Leading
organizations in
attendance for you
to meet

3 Interactive
discussion-led preconference

Who Will You Meet?

This September, 100+ decision makers representing the leading Inflammasome biopharma companies will gather together along with the industry’s foremost thought leading academics.

This inclusive gathering unites individuals from across the drug development cycle including discovery, biology, preclinical research, translational and clinical, all united in a collective effort to advance inflammasome therapeutics to the patients who need them most.

What Your Peers Said:

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"The Inflammasome Therapeutics Summit provides the best opportunity to find out the latest clinical and therapeutic approaches to treating Inflammasome-mediated disease"

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"Interacting with academic and industrial inflammasome researchers and hearing about new and important developments in the field. Learning about current clinical progress of drugs targeting NLRP3 and the patient identification and selection strategies supporting their progress"

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"This meeting is a great opportunity to network and learn from industry experts involved in the translational aspects of inflammasome research"

“High quality presentation providing state of the art updates on advances in inflammasome research”

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“It was really great to see presentations from the major players in the field”