Promega Corporation

Expertise Partner

We share your passion for science. Promega Corporation is a world leader in providing innovative solutions in the life sciences. We develop bioluminescent technologies that deliver more biologically relevant data for small and large molecule drug discovery. Our broad life science reagent portfolio includes biochemical and cell-based assays for drug discovery targeting kinases, protein degradation, inflammasome, and many other hot targets such as the RAS pathway and infectious disease. Let’s collaborate.

Enveda Biosciences

Program Partner 

Enveda Biosciences is a drug discovery and development company revolutionizing how and where we look for drugs. Our AI-enabled metabolomics platform unearths new medicines from nature at industrial scale, and this approach has yielded a deep pipeline of lead molecules across inflammatory-, immunological-, and dermatological-relevant targets. Our most advanced asset is a gut-restricted novel inflammasome inhibitor, slated to enter the clinic in 2024, followed closely by two tissue-specific assets targeting the inflammasome (peripheral and brain-penetrant).

Ventus Therapeutics

Hosting Partner

Ventus Therapeutics is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company deploying a proprietary leading-edge structural biology and computational chemistry platform to create novel small molecule medicines in immunology, inflammation, and neurology. Ventus’ first target screen in 2020 led to three development candidate nominations in 2022: VENT-01 (peripherally-restricted NLRP3 inhibitor); VENT-02 (brain-penetrant NLRP3 inhibitor); and VENT-03 (first-in-class cGAS inhibitor). VENT-02, currently in Phase 1, has best-in-class potential based on its unique structure, exceptional brain penetration, and exquisite potency.

Alamar Biosciences

Event Partner

Alamar Biosciences is powering precision proteomics with automated, high throughput solutions for ultra-high sensitivity protein analysis across a range of multiplex levels in liquid biopsy samples.  Our proprietary NULISA™ Chemistry utilizes a novel sequential capture and release method reducing background signal and increasing sensitivity and dynamic range compared with standard approaches. The NULISA Platform allows for a fully automated workflow with the ARGO™ System enabling less than 30 minutes hands-on time from sample to data.


Event Partner

  • Preclinical CRO, focused on Parkinson’s disease and services encompassing cognition, biodistribution (e.g. AAVs, ASOs) and non-GLP safety assessments.
  • Specialists in non-human primate models of neurodegenerative disease.
  • Expert team each with 20+ years experience
  • >300 publications, >20 patent applications, >20 FDA/ Health Canada IND/ CTA/ NDA
  • Focus on top quality science and professional services
  • Over 250 projects completed
  • Evaluations: Motor, behavioral, cognitive, brain imaging, molecular analysis, ex-vivo and DMPK
  • Neurosurgery experts in rodent and macaques