Pre-Conference Workshop

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Workshop A - 9am-11pm

Overcoming Challenges in Preclinical Models in Inflammasome Therapeutic Research

Attend this interactive workshop to:

  • Discuss the availability of appropriate animal models and patient samples
  • Select the best translational preclinical model for your disease
  • Explore how to standardize translation across labs/industry to improve reproducibility
  • Discussing the sterility of immune systems in preclinic
  • Evaluate disease models and help you underpin what each inflammasome is responsible for
  • Delve into the limitations of the models
  • Demonstrate the mechanisms of action of drugs in development – preclinical in vitro data to be presented
  • What are the most appropriate animal models to use for your indication?
  • Learn how to overcome limitations of animal models

Workshop Leader:

Marianthi Papakosta headshot

Marianthi Papakosta
Associate Director - NeuroInflammation/Neurodegeneration

Eva roche

Eva Mracsko
Senior Scientist

Workshop B - 12pm-2pm

How to Select Disease Indication to Pursue that Would Best Address Your Intervention

Attend this interactive workshop to:

  • What are the relevant criteria to keep in mind that would be of interest to investors and potential collaborators?
  • Understand the capacity needed to pursue certain indications
  • Learn what therapy engagement is required for various disease areas
  • Assess which diseases make the most sense for NLRP3 with our current understanding
  • How can we approach drug development for the other inflammasomes with a more disease-specific understanding?
  • Delve into various indications, indication selection and how people are migrating
  • Should we be targeting different diseases that have fewer treatment options?

Workshop Leader:

Ash Mansell headshot

Ashley Mansell
Senior Director of Research & Development
Bacainn Therapeutics

Workshop C - 3pm-5pm

Dissecting the Pathology & Potential of Targeting Neuroinflammatory Disease in Inflammasome Drug Development

The floods of movement in the neuroinflammation space has been hard to ignore. As the drug development landscape continues to evolve with many mcc950-based small molecules in trials – optimizing the understanding of the basic biology, biomarkers, and the various other potential targets is key for progress.

Attend this interactive workshop to:

  • Understand the role of microglial cells - comparisons between myeloid lineage cells and microglial cells
  • The neurodegeneration triangle – neuroinflammation, loss of mitochondrial integrity and neuronal cell death
  • Where do inflammasomes fit in really?
  • Periphery vs CNS inflammation – how important is crossing the blood-brain barrier?
  • Approaches to treatment: Clearing misfolded proteins may have reached its end, but unless you have a clear mutation you can attack, you have to use multiple drugs to get efficacy
  • Exploring the checkpoint inhibitors effects
  • Delving into anti-tao antibody – combination thoughts
  • What are the PD markers?

Workshop Leader:

Richard gordon hs

Richard Gordon
Group Leader - Clinical Neuroscience
University of Queensland

Tamara hs

Tamara Seredenina
Senior Scientist
AC Immune