Pre-Conference Workshop

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Workshop A - 9:30am-11:30pm

Overcoming Challenges in Preclinical Models in Inflammasome Therapeutic Research

Attend this interactive workshop to:

  • Discuss the availability of appropriate animal models and patient samples
  • Select the most appropriate translational preclinical model for your disease
  • Explore how to standardize translation across labs/industry to
    improve reproducibility
  • Discuss the sterility of immune systems in the preclinical setting
  • Evaluate disease models to underpin what each inflammasome is responsible for
  • Delve into limitations of investigating inflammasomes in currently available models, and how to overcome these
  • Demonstrate the mechanisms of action of drugs in development – preclinical in vitro data to be presented
  • What are the most appropriate animal models to use for your indication?

Workshop Leaders:

Marianthi Papakosta headshot

Marianthi Papakosta
Associate Director - NeuroInflammation/ Neurodegeneration

Luca Piali-min

Luca Piali
Expert Scientist

Theresa Pizarro headshot

Theresa Pizarro
Louis Pillemer Endowed Professor of Experimental Pathology
Case Western Reserve University

Workshop B - 12:30pm-2:30pm

Defining the Strategic Direction of Your Pipeline - From Funding
Through to Disease Selection

Attend this interactive workshop to:

  • Discover how to attract funding
  • Discover the relevant criteria that would be of interest to investors and potential collaborators
  • Delve into disease selection as part of strategic pipeline decision-making
  • Assess which diseases make the most sense to pursue for NLRP3 & other inflammasome targets with our current understanding of drug and disease mechanisms

Workshop Leader:

Ash Mansell headshot

Ashley Mansell
Senior Director of Research & Development
Bacainn Therapeutics

alan watt nodthera

Alan Watt
Chief Scientific Officer

Workshop C - 3pm-5pm

Dissecting the Pathology & Potential of Targeting Neuroinflammatory Disease in Inflammasome Drug Development

Attend this interactive workshop to:

  • Understand the role of microglial cells - comparisons between myeloid lineage cells and microglial cells
  • Decipher the neurodegeneration triangle – neuroinflammation, loss of mitochondrial integrity and neuronal cell death
  • Debate: where do inflammasomes fit in really?
  • Periphery vs CNS inflammation – how important is crossing the blood-brain barrier?
  • Analyze pproaches to treatment: Clearing misfolded proteins may have reached its end, but unless you have a clear mutation you can attack, you have to use multiple drugs to get efficacy
  • Exploring the checkpoint inhibitors effects
  • Delve into anti-tao antibody and combination treatment strategies
  • Discuss the most relevant markers of pharmacodynamics

Workshop Leaders:

Richard gordon hs

Richard Gordon
Group Leader - Clinical Neuroscience
University of Queensland

Ariana Farrand

Ariana Farrand
Associate Director, Translational
The Michael J. Fox Foundation
for Parkinson’s Research

Tamara hs

Tamara Seredenina
Senior Scientist
AC Immune