Pre-Conference Workshops

September 10, 2024

Workshop A
9:00 am – 12:00 am

Back to Basic Biology: Uncovering the Role of Inflammasomes in Health & Disease for Enhanced Understanding & Improved Therapeutic Targeting


This interactive discussion led session gathers thought leaders, expert researchers, and industry leaders to dive into the fundamentals of inflammasome biology and its implications for disease mechanisms to uncover therapeutic strategies. Join an interdisciplinary dialogue to ask your burning questions to a niche audience of inflammasome experts to tackle these scientific challenges head-on.

Hear the opinions of experts and collaboratively discuss: 

  • Investigate the role of inflammasome activation in disease progression, probing whether it’s a consequence or a causative factor
  • Assess whether interrupting inflammasome signaling can effectively halt the cascade of inflammatory processes even after disease onset
  • Delve into the intricate mechanisms of inflammasome biology and their impact on immune system homeostasis, shedding light on their role in inflammatory diseases
  • Explore novel strategies to enhance the specificity and safety of inflammasometargeting drugs by leveraging insights into immune system regulation
  • Compare inflammasome activation in acute versus chronic inflammatory conditions, and its implications for therapeutic strategies
  • Differentiate inflammasome involvement in monogenic versus polygenic diseases, addressing challenges and opportunities in therapeutic targeting

12:00 pm Lunch Break

Workshop B
1:00 pm – 4:00 pm

Deep Diving into the CNS Playbook with a Comprehensive Exploration of Inflammasomes in Neurological Diseases


Join industry colleagues for an in-depth examination of inflammasomes in the central nervous system (CNS) and explore their intricate role in neuroinflammatory and neurodegenerative diseases to improve development of transformative inflammasome targeted therapeutics. This workshop will provide an extensive overview of current research, clinical evidence, and innovative strategies to navigate the nuanced challenges of inflammasome therapeutics in CNS indications. 

Get ready to:

  • Examine cutting-edge animal and cellular models designed to mimic neurodegenerative diseases, allowing for the study of inflammasome activation and its impact on CNS pathology
  • Uncover the challenges and advancements in drug delivery strategies for optimal brain penetration of inflammasome-targeting therapeutics
  • Examine the latest preclinical and clinical findings elucidating the role of inflammasomes in CNS indications
  • Discuss innovative approaches for identifying and validating biomarkers associated with inflammasome activation in the CNS, crucial for disease diagnosis, prognosis, and monitoring treatment responses 

4:00 pm Afternoon Break

Workshop C
4:00 pm – 6:00 pm

Navigating Disease Selection by Selecting Optimal Targets & Indications for Inflammasome Therapeutics


Join inflammasome experts as they discuss and assess the intersection of science and strategy in selecting optimal disease targets and indications for inflammasome therapeutics. Gain valuable insights and share your thoughts on key scientific and strategic considerations including: 


  • Assessing the role of specific inflammasomes in driving inflammatory pathways and disease progression
  • Strategies for integrating biomarker data into decision-making processes for indication selection and therapeutic development
  • Considerations for selecting appropriate preclinical models to mimic disease pathology and inflammasome activation
  • Incorporating comparative data in preclinical models to inform indication selection
  • Evaluating the feasibility and relevance of different therapeutic modalities for inflammasome inhibitors


  • Aligning drug development priorities with commercial
    viability while addressing the diverse unmet needs across
    different diseases
  • Assessing the potential market impact and revenue
    opportunities against the medical urgency of addressing specific disease indications
  • Showcasing the unique benefits and value proposition of inflammasome therapeutics compared to existing standards of care
  • Strategies for effectively communicating differentiation to regulatory agencies, investors, and stakeholders

6:00 pm End of Preconference Workshop Day