Hal Hoffman

Hal Hoffman

Company: UCSD

Job title: Professor


Panel Discussion: What are the Future Directions of the Inflammasome Therapeutics Landscape? A Glimpse into the Next 5 Years 2:30 pm

Reflecting on all the incredible insights shared today and our key takings, where do we see the inflammasome landscape going? Does commercial opportunity lie in tackling metabolic diseases or even with combination therapies? What is the feasibility and efficacy of targeting alternative inflammasomes across diverse disease sets? Discuss the areas of unmet needs with opportunity…Read more

day: Day 2

Examining Clinical Biomarkers for Patient Selection & Stratification for Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria 8:30 am

Discuss the integration of inflammasome biomarker data into clinical decision-making processes Investigate the utility of inflammasome-related biomarkers in stratifying patient populations based on disease severity, progression, and therapeutic responsiveness Explore the potential of predicting therapeutic outcomes in inflammasome-targeted interventions to enable personalized treatment approaches form optimized patient selection criteria in clinical trialsRead more

day: Day 2

Panel Discussion: Addressing the Biomarker Bottlenecks to Identify Areas of Progress: What is Needed? 5:30 pm

Capitalize on this opportunity to collectively discuss and address the critical biomarker bottlenecks that Inflammasome therapeutics face Alongside leading minds and industry pioneers, discuss the complexities associated with identifying and quantifying measures of inflammasomes using sophisticated biochemical techniques Explore strategies for overcoming these challenges to facilitate translation into clinical practiceRead more

day: Day 1

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