Assessing the Complete Assembly of the Inflammasome Multi-Protein Complex for Therapeutic Targeting & Connecting Proof-of-Concept Biomarkers & Disease Endpoints to Secure Clinical Efficacy

Achieving Efficacy Across Neurological & Inflammatory Diseases with Inflammasome Therapeutics

Exciting developments are on the horizon in the realm of inflammasome therapeutics, with the community greatly anticipating the clinical study results from NodThera, Ventyx, Ventus, Roche, and Novartis expected this Fall.

These ground-breaking studies are poised to be the very first Inflammasome Therapeutic setting a new standard and instilling fresh confidence in the therapeutic potential of targeting the inflammasome.

In amidst of the anticipation, the Inflammasome Therapeutics Summit returns for its 6th year as the premier gathering for over 100 biopharma professionals and leading academics, serving as the cornerstone event for navigating the dynamic and challenging landscape from discovery right through to clinical application. Whether you're a seasoned biology expert or clinical professional, this summit provides exclusive clinical insights and the latest breakthroughs in inflammasome research.

Intentionally designed to be niche and focused, ensuring you don’t get lost in a sea of attendees and prioritizing in-depth discussions over basic introductions. Partake in advanced tactical and strategic conversations with an engaged audience of inflammasome experts who share your passion and commitment to advancing inflammasome therapeutics to the patients who need them most.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to be at the forefront of inflammasome therapeutics.

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2024’s Must Attend Inflammasome Summit for the Biopharma Community But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It …

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"Great meeting, very relevant content, many excellent speakers and outstanding networking. A very good start of creating a Inflammasome/NLRP3 focus group/community."


"Excellent, focused meeting with great mix of academic, clinical and industrial participation, facilitating great networking opportunities and interesting discussion."



"Very good talks on many aspects of inflammasome biology and drug discovery, together with good networking opportunities, has triggered some new project ideas"

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"The topics selected were great and covered the most relevant fields and interest around Inflammasome. A really focused, in-depth knowledge sharing experience."


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