Welcome to the Inflammasome Therapeutics Summit

Returning for its 2nd year, the inaugural Inflammasome Therapeutics Summit (ITS) is the industry’s first dedicated discussion and networking forum focused on bringing together inflammasome thought-leaders to share their latest scientific progress and address the current challenges drug developers are facing.

In 2019, over 150 industry experts signed up to be part of this unique opportunity to engage in cross-industry discussions and presentations from over 22 expert speakers.

With a mission to bridge the gap between research and drug development and develop clinically effective candidates for inflammatory driven diseases, ITS honed in on the latest developments, insights and science to elevate clinically effective inflammasome therapeutic pipelines.

Developed in combination with experts from Nodthera, Pfizer and IFM Therapeutics and other leading organisations, this industry focused forum allowed attendees to:

Determine which diseases the inflammasome is driving and therefore which have the most therapeutic potential commercially and clinically
Review the basic biology and mechanisms of action
Discuss the use of biomarkers and endpoints for increased efficacy in clinical trials

Attendees left ITS with a deeper understanding of the discovery, preclinical and clinical landscape of inflammasome therapeutics.

Testimonials from previous Hanson Wade attendees:

I was impressed by many of the speakers and learnt a significant amount,which I was able to bring back to our discovery team.

Excellent networking and learning opportunity for pharma scientists.

Strong program, great speakers and a genuine focus on identifying solutions

Outstanding ConferenceThe Cure Parkinson's Trust

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