Hao Wu

Hao Wu

Company: Boston Children’s Hospital & Harvard Medical School

Job title: Asa & Patricia Springer Professor


Understanding the Inner Workings of the Inflammasome Engine 3:30 pm

Presenting how NLRP3 becomes activated by conformational change and trafficking Elucidating how ligand sensing induces NLRP6 phase separation, which in turn promotes inflammasome formation and signaling in vitro and in vivoRead more

day: Day 1 - Track A - Afternoon

Panel Discussion: Addressing the Current R&D Bottlenecks & Gaps in Inflammasome Therapeutic Research 9:30 am

What are the limitations of currently available animal models for recapitulating inflammasome-drug-tissue interactions? How/Should we be targeting inflammasomes locally at the sites of inflammation? How are we thinking about dosing for a known pharmacological effect/target engagement to specific organs without systemic exposure/immunosuppression? How are we thinking about dual/multi- inflammasome inhibition in terms of increasing drug…Read more

day: Day One

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