Hao Wu

Hao Wu

Company: Boston Children’s Hospital & Harvard Medical School

Job title: Asa & Patricia Springer Professor


Understanding Phase Separation as a Driver of RNA Virus-Induced Activation of the NLRP6 Inflammasome 3:30 pm

Learn how NLRP6 is an inflammasome sensor highly expressed in the GI tract and the liver Evaluate how dsRNA and lipoteichoic acid are direct ligands of NLRP6 Assess how ligand sensing induces NLRP6 phase separation, which in turn promotes inflammasome formation and signaling in vitro and in vivoRead more

day: Day 1 - Track A - Afternoon

Panel Discussion: Underpinning the Current Leading Challenges & Gaps in Inflammasome Therapeutic Research 10:00 am

Availability of appropriate animal models and patient samples Understanding progress and limitations to current biomarkers Movement into clinical trials and regulatory conversations How/Should we locally target inflammasomes at the sites of inflammation ? Dual/multi- inflammasome inhibition – specificity vs multifactorial inflammation in disease? How to dose a known pharmacological effect/target engagement to specific organs without…Read more

day: Day One

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