Krishnan Nandabalan

Krishnan Nandabalan

Company: Invea Therapeutics, Inc.

Job title: Founder, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer


Leveraging Structural Insights to Design a Small Molecule ASC Inhibitor for Multi-Inflammasome Inhibition 2:30 pm

Unveiling a novel approach to multi-inflammasome inhibition through AI and ML technologies, targeting the apoptosis-associated speck-like protein containing a caspase activation and recruitment domain Exploring the pivotal role of inflammasomes, including ASC, in initiating and controlling inflammatory responses across diverse IMIDs, paving the way for potential paradigm shifts in treatment strategiesRead more

day: Day 1

Navigating Disease Selection by Selecting Optimal Targets & Indications for Inflammasome Therapeutics 4:35 pm

Join inflammasome experts as they discuss and assess the intersection of science and strategy in selecting optimal disease targets and indications for inflammasome therapeutics. Gain valuable insights and share your thoughts on key scientific and strategic considerations including: Read more

day: Pre-Conference Day

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