Panel Discussion: Assessing the Current Landscape of Inflammasome Therapeutics to Identify the Bottlenecks, Key Field Considerations, & Debating the Future of Inhibitors/Activators

Time: 3:30 pm
day: Conf Day 2


  • Looking outside of NLRP3: Which inflammasome do we think is going to be the next go-to? And will it be disease-specific?
  • Exploring upstream targets of inflammatory processes:
  • Diving into downstream targets of inflammasome activation to complete the picture:
  • Understanding the key limitations of preclinical models to move forward: Which models do big pharma want to see inflammasome data in?
  • Harnessing novel humanized preclinical models: Which models do we think will be effective and well adopted by the field?
  • Navigating measuring target engagement and patient selection: What should we explore for inflammasome biomarkers?